Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mini Beauty Haul

Helloo guys ! Thought I'd do my next post on small collective hall, the clothing/fashion haul shall be up very soon! If you want to see an in depth review of anything just let me know !

I must say this is one of the best moisturisers I've ever used ! It can be hard to find something that hydrates your skin without leaving it shiny and looking very oily, so for me this is perfect! Quite often on offer in Superdrug and Asda for around the £3 mark, and absolute BARGAIN!

So I brought this as I was finding using foundations too heavy for my skin, I don't really have perfect skin and for my skin tone I find it difficult to find a perfect match drugstore foundation, hearing good things about this I thought I'd give it a try especially as BB creams are meant to adapt better to your skin tone.. however the medium shade was way to dark for my skin making it look orange, so next time it's on offer I shall be getting the lighter shade.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BABYLIPS! They are the perfect tinted lip balms especially this shade and the 'pink punch'.

Never EVER have I loved any make up brushes as much as I do these! Real Techniques do the best, they leave my make up looking flawless, so easy to wash and dry and do not shed at all! When I saw these two on offer in Superdrug I found it hard to pass it up!

Batiste dry shampoo works amazingly on my long curly hair, a quick spritz and my hair feels fresh and ready to go. 

Natural Collection have some great finds at a bargain price! The rosey glow blush is a favourite of mine especially for this time of the year!

I also picked up the lip liner and lipstick seeing as it was on 3 for 2.

I've not actually given this a proper go but I'm excited to try this out!

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm is a must for me especially in the cold wintery season.


  1. great haul :)


  2. I'm itching to try out a lip liner, would you recommend them? Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my post, I'm having issues with my notifications atm so its taking me longer to reply then usual :( xo

    1. Honestly I'm not really big on lip liner mainly due to the fact that I'm a bit lazy and prefer to just put my lipstick on without it, but as a starting point I think the natural collection one would be good as it's fairly cheap and normally on offer! So I'd say defo try it and see if it's for you :)

    2. You're welcome ! I really enjoyed treading your posts ! Xx