Tuesday, 11 March 2014

FIF- No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation

Hello lovelies! I thought I'd do a First Impression Friday on the No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation for today's post! 


I was reading through some blogs when I came across Porcelain Queen and she mentions the no7 beautifully matte foundation in one of her posts .. Having very oily skin I decided to give it a go especially as No7 have their skin match device thing, which I was pessimistic about at first

I was in a bit of a rush when I went along to my local boots to pick this little beauty up.. The lady called Grace who helped me was so lovely and didn't waste any time and just got straight to the point (unlike other counters when I'm having to wait around for the consultant to get themselves organised). I literally hopped onto a seat out the device over my face after removing the BB cream I already had on and within seconds she had the one that matched my skin perfectly. When buying foundations I do normally like to go a shade or two darker just so I don't look too pale and washed out so this is exactly what I did. My colour was deeply beige and I love it ! 

Let's start off with the packaging. The foundation comes in a smooth matte plastic bottle which I guess reflects te product inside. The foundation does have a pump which makes application mess free and so quick and easy! One thing I must say about this foundation is that a little goes a long way ! 

The product itself is amazing ! It instantly mattifies the skin and blends in seamlessly leaving your skin feeling so soft and luxurious. You do get the standard 30ml and has SPF 15. I would say this foundation is of medium coverage. 

I do have incredibly oily skin so I'm always on the search for a product that will help with that. I always have to set my foundations/BBcream with a powder or within an hour I'm just an oily mess! 

I applied the foundation with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush at around 7.30 and decided to go without powder for once, brave move right ? And by 12pm there was very little oil visible, I literally couldn't believe it ! I didn't think this was possible ! By 2pm my face could have done with a dusting of powder but I went without to see just how long lasting it was. My face didn't seem to get any more shinier than it was at 2pm by around 5.30 pm so I left it on for a few more hours.. By 7pm there was still no difference and throughout the day the only place that was shiny was my nose, I can cope with that ! 

I must say I am definitely impressed with this foundation ! I have never been this oil free with a foundation before.. EVER! It's so lightweight and works amazing on oily skin! I would 100% recommend this to anyone with oily skin and for £12.95 I think it's amazing for the price point ! 

I'm thinking of doing more FIF's in the future so let me know what you think ! 

Nicky xoxo

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  1. Oh my gosh I'm so glad you like it! I feel like I should work at No7 doing their PR ;) love the post :D xox

  2. Love it and it's all thanks to you ! Yeah I agree ;) thank you !xx