Tuesday, 11 March 2014

OOTN- Happy Birthday Shika!

Hii guys! Me and a few friends went out last night to celebrate my best friend's birthday so I thought I'd share a few snaps and my OOTN. 

I did wear a white blazer over the top as it was a little on the cooler side last night!  

You can't really see the necklace I'm wearing so I thought I'd just insert a close up of it, it will be included in my fashion haul which will be up soon! 

This is the lovely little clutch I decided to go with in the end! Small but still managed to fit quite a lot in there phone, emergency charger, small perfume bottle, lipstick, chewing .. The usual!  

The lipstick I wore was from natural collection and I must say for a couple of pounds it really did an amazing job ! Only had to touch up a couple times throughout the night and didn't leave my lips feeling dry at all !

As it was my best friends birthday I had to include her in this post !

Happy 18th Birthday Shika! 
Hope you had a lovely day ! You really do mean the absolute world to me and I couldn't ever ask for a better best friend/sister.. I know I can always rely on you and trust you with my life and for that I am eternally grateful! Love you loads beautiful ❤️ xxx



  1. that necklace is gorgeous!you looked lovely btw! x

    1. Thanks lovely! It's from new look xx