Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Top 5 real techniques brushes

I'm not one to spend a lot of money on make up tools unless I need to. I mean why spend more money for something higher end when you can pick something up from the drugstore at a much cheaper price ? 

That's where real techniques comes in. I'd seen so many Youtubers raving about them and a few months ago decided to try them out. And boy was I impressed ! You may be wondering why I have only included face brushes and that's mainly just because I tend not to wear eye make up besides mascara on a day to day basis.
1. The contour brush I got as a part of the core collection. Contouring is something I struggle with so when I do, this really does make it easy it's so precise yet manages to blend in my contour without leaving any harsh lines. 

2. The blush brush.. My oh MYY! I've tried a few difference blush brushes before yet they either leave my blusher looking harsh, blotchy or uneven. But nope not this one. 

3. The powder brush at £10.99, allowed me to use powder to set my foundation without leaving that dusty powdery feel. It is a bit on the bulky side so it's not something I can carry around with me in my bag for touch ups, however Real Techniques have come out with some retractable brushes so maybe I need to get my hands on them. 

4. The expert face brush was the first ever brush I had brought. I instantly loved it. My foundation looked flawless and went on amazingly for the first time since I began to use foundation. I told EVERYONE about them and they all felt the same as me. One thing that dazzled me the most was the fact they did not shed. Not a single hair, I know right? A bargain at £8.99. I purchased mine from Superdrug so I do get 10% student discount. 

5. The buffing brush is another one from the core collection and I think this is the most versatile. I can use this for powder foundation, liquid foundation and I can blend in my concealer and blush! It is the most perfect brush in the world !! 

Okay guys so those are my top 5 Real Techniques brushes, they are not in any particular order cause that would be asking the impossible of me. I recommend the Real Techniques to you all as they are super affordable!

Hope you're all well! 

Nicky xoxo

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