Saturday, 8 March 2014

NV Colour Lipstick

Hello Beautifuls !!

This post is something I'm really excited about ! I know I have been absent for quite a while, I've been snowed under with so much college work.

So, I came across NV Colour on Twitter and was instantly intrigued (as I tend to be with anything beauty related!), popped along to their website and was instantly drawn in! If you haven't already then you must check them out, NV Colour also have an Instagram so go and follow!!!

I did only buy lipsticks as lipsticks are my thing and something I knew I'd get a lot of use out of, but now looking back I wish I had ordered some more especially as they are a right bargain at £6 a piece. Their website states "NV lipstick is a super moisturising, long lasting lip colour that glides beautifully and comfortably onto your lips for all day long staying power" and I 110% must agree! All of the lipsticks are so similar in texture and longevity which is something that can be very rare within brands.

One thing I was extremely impressed with was the packaging! It is super smooth and gorgeous to look at, when I first received this in the post I kept them out displayed on my draw just so that I could stare at that, sounds a tad weird right? But I think that goes to show how much I fell in love with the packaging. The one feature I was dazzled by was the magnetic casing!! I have never come across any magnetic packaging on a lipstick before and boy was I impressed. I'm forever leaving the lids on a lipstick half open so this solved all my prayers. Everything I have always wanted in a lipstick!

I have never been so pleased with customer service before, EVER! The NV Colour team are so friendly and happy to help, I was amazed.

Flamenco is one of those beautiful peachy nude everyday colours that I LOVEE!!! It's soo smooth and silky on the lips and lasts a good few hours before I need to touch up. It's one of those go to lipsticks which is in big competition with my Revlon- Pink in the Afternoon, something I wore every single day until this little beauty came into my life.
Pixie is a very much so a light Barbie pink. It was a bit too light for my personal liking but I can imagine many girls loving this lipstick. Saying that I love the texture so much that I just pop on a bit of lip gloss to darken the colour and it is perfection!
Sorbet is my FAVOURITE! I can see myself wearing this every day in the summer. It is one of those very few lipsticks that are long lasting without drying out your lips and is super pigmented!
Ladies if you haven't looked into NV Colour yet, you most definitely should! I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!!
Nicky xoxo
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